Our tasty noodles and snacks are produced in factories around the world and we import them to the UK for your convenience. The listed ingredients for each product are supplied direct from the manufacturer ‘as-is’ and as such, may not be entirely accurate due to possible translation errors. Although not stated within the ingredients label, there may be a risk of allergen cross-contamination due to production line limitations in the country of origin. For most people, this isn’t an issue but for those with allergies, it could present a health risk.

If you have any allergy whatsoever, please do not take the risk. You should consider all of the products we sell to potentially contain traces of food allergens including, but not limited to nuts, peanuts, lactose, milk and dairy products, crustaceans and other seafood, fungi, etc.

This all sounds a bit over the top, but when it comes to allergies it’s better to be safe than sorry.